It Has Been Awhile!

It has been several years since I have written a new blog. Here is a catch-up:

  1. RJC continues under the good leadership of Dennis Peters. I am now working with the website, the RJC Academy, and the editing of Operation Japan.
  2. Our next big events are: International RJC Conference in Feb. the Northwest RJC Conf in March.
  3. We are exploring the possibility of a new regional fellowship in the Portland area with our first discussion group on January 29.


Also, besides my facebook notes from GloBible, I have started to try to put my thoughts into Tweeter format. Frustrating.   You can find them on donwrightjp.

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Japan Church Statistics

We thank God for the good reports we hear from Japan, especially from the Tohoku disaster area. Labors of love which have resulted in houses rebuilt, volunteers who have come from around the world, church groups cooperating for the greater Kingdom of God, and people coming to Jesus. Praise God.

In the midst of the positive reports we received the 2012 Church Information Service report on the Protestant Churches in Japan. It seems that every statistical category came in lower, compared to 2011.

  • Number of churches went from 7,928 to 7,832.
  • Number of members went from 546,052 to 544,259.
  • Worship attendance was down from 278,969 to 278,856.
  • And number of baptisms and Sunday School attendance decreased.

We need to enter 2013 with a renewed prayer burden for Japan and Japanese around the world.

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Smell The Stable

Well, I have done it for the first time this year!

Christmas is coming, and today I received my first email from someone who said she was going to be busy for Christmas.

I have a famous saying for Christmas that I think I invented. I often say, “Be sure to take time to smell the stable this Christmas.” Not many respond to me statement. Maybe they don’t understand what I am trying to say.

It, of course, is a play off the phrase, “Take time to smell the roses.” For me smelling the stable takes us to the busyness of that first Christmas. No room for Jesus, crowds swelling Bethlehem, and there is the King born in a stable.

I don’t know what smelling the stable means for you this year, but for me it means that the real meaning of Christmas is not “Silent Night,” noise and smells (smelly smells). Jesus came into the midst of our chaos and clutter, and he brings roses at times, but mostly the smell of the stable.

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A Fourth Attempt at Reporting So Cal RJC

(OK, I am rusty. This is my third/fourth attempt to get this correct. Sorry)

After close to a year of inactivity, I am trying to jump back into this blog.

The reason? One is that I downloaded a free ebook, “WordPress for Beginners.”

It has been six weeks since the SoCal RJC Conference. And now the videos and several audios are available. Please check them out at RJC.

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JET Christian Fellowship | Christian Connections and Resources in Japan

JET Christian Fellowship | Christian Connections and Resources in Japan.

The JET program provides a great opportunity for Christians to go to Japan, teach in public schools and share Jesus. Some of the teachers actually end up in areas where there are no churches!

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RJC International Conference, Feb 16-18, 2012

I am excited about all the things that will be happening at the coming International RJC Conference. Here are a few of the opportunities:
1. A great time to connect with others, be encouraged and learn how better to represent Jesus to our Japanese friends. There will be over 20 different seminars and presentations.
2. A time to learn what God is doing in the Tohoku disaster area through Rev. Akira Sato and others.
3. A chance to participate in a dynamic Black Gospel Music workshop and concert, led by Ray Sidney. See Ray Sidney Registration Page.
4. An opportunity to learn how to share your faith story through manga/comic, led by Kathleen Web.
5. And much more

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Prayer for Japan

Each day I am posting the prayer item from Operation Japan on our “Operation Japan Prayer” Group on Facebook. Today I read this from E.M. Bounds.

  • The fortunes of the kingdom of Jesus Christ are not made by the feebleness of its foes. They are strong and bitter and have ever been strong, and ever will be. But might prayer–this is the one great spiritual force which will enable the Lord Jesus Christ to enter into full possession of his kingdom, and secure for him the heathen as his inheritance, and the uttermost part of the earth for his possession

We pray for Japan!

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New Japanese Books for Ministry

Today I just posted two documents that introduce seven books published by Word of Life in Japanese. You can download and read them at RJC. Find the link towards the bottom of the page.

The books are: What the Bible Is All About for Young Explorers; Manga Life of Jesus; Manga Introduction to the Bible; Japanese Living Bible New Testament; The Case for Faith; The Case for a Creator, both by Lee Strobel; and 240 Bible Passages: Nutritional Supplements for Spiritual Life (Japanese and English).

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Operation Japan Prayer

If you would like to participate with us to pray daily for Japan in the year 2012, please go to and join.
Prayer crucial for Japan at a time like this!

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New Postings

I just posted a report from one of the Tohoku pastors. Take a look at
You will also find information about the important RJC Conference, Feb 16-18, Love Japan, and a reminder about the coming “Preparing to Go” class.
If you plan to go to Japan for a trip, mission or for long-term service, this class is for you.

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