It Has Been Awhile!

It has been several years since I have written a new blog. Here is a catch-up:

  1. RJC continues under the good leadership of Dennis Peters. I am now working with the website, the RJC Academy, and the editing of Operation Japan.
  2. Our next big events are: International RJC Conference in Feb. the Northwest RJC Conf in March.
  3. We are exploring the possibility of a new regional fellowship in the Portland area with our first discussion group on January 29.


Also, besides my facebook notes from GloBible, I have started to try to put my thoughts into Tweeter format. Frustrating.   You can find them on donwrightjp.

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One Response to It Has Been Awhile!

  1. John Clendinnen says:

    Hi, I’m the Pioneers Hiroshima Team Leader. I have used both printed editions of Operation Japan in the past, and am interested in obtaining the most current CD version. I live in Hiroshima now with my wife and 3 kids. How can I go about purchasing this CD for myself…and others too?

    – John & Kyoko Clendinnen

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