Operation Japan Prayer

Yesterday I started a Facebook group called Operation Japan Prayer. The purpose of this group is to help us to pray daily during 2012 for Japan using Operation Japan.

Let me give you a little background concerning the prayer guide, which is now only available in CD format.

It was about 1995 when the Lord put it on the hearts of a handful of people that Japan desperately needed a prayer guide that would help people to pray for the whole country of Japan, not just for a particular denomination or para-church organization, not just for a particular part of Japan, but for all of Japan. An Operation Japan Publishing Committee was formed with the blessing of the Japan Evangelical Association (JEA) and the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association (JEMA). Rev. Mitsuo Mitsumori and the Church Information Service (CIS) spent months putting together the calendar of requests, and the information needed. It was then translated into English and the first editions in Japanese and English were published in 1997. A combined total of about 15,000 copies were printed.

Then three years later the second edition was printed in Japanese, English and Korean. Rev. Mitsumori again served as editor of the Japanese edition, Yeong Sang Cho, a Campus Crusade for Christ missionary served as the Korean editor, and I (Don Wright continued with the English oversight.

In 2005 the third edition was published in English only. These three English editions were were under the supervision of JEMA, for which we are very thankful. Each of these editions had their unique characteristics, put followed the basic structure that Rev. Mitsumori had engineered.

Since 2005 Japan and the missionary community has changed. There was need for an updated edition, but JEMA was not able to continue their cooperation. So the format has changed from a hard copy to a browser friendly html format that is contained in one CD. Operation Japan has moved from a 96 page hard copy to a huge 700 MB copy, full of updated and expanded information, pictures and illustrations, and with an abundance of internet links. It has become a unique tool for information and prayer.

That’s the short version of Operation Japan. We praise God for what He has done. We hope that many will join us for this year long prayer time using OJ.

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