Rules of Thumb #14 Sinner, Saint and Servant

I discovered this little outline after we returned from Japan, but I have found it extremely helpful as I think of ministry and my personal faith walk. The outline comes from Philippians chapter 1. The second and third words are clearly stated in chapter one, verse one. The first word, “sinner,” seeps through all of Paul’s writings.

We know that we are sinners, imperfect and quick to stray from God’s paths, but in the excitement of ministry it is easily forgotten.

This word reminds us that because of Jesus’ death and resurrection we have become completely forgiven, perfect before the Lord. The word allows us access to the Lord’s mercy and blessing.

This word can arrange our daily schedule, our priorities and life style. This day is yours, Lord.

These three words have become part of my daily devotional time. I try to look in the mirror at the beginning of the day and say, “Wright, you are a sinner! You will most likely foul things up, say the wrong words, and miss God’s wonderful plan.”

“Wright, you are a saint! No slouching allowed. Your sins have been cleaned up because of Jesus, and today you can be confident that I am with you. Be bold in your saintly work.”

“Wright, you are a servant! Today is another opportunity to serve Jesus and serve one another.”

Leaving one of these out, or concentrating on one more than the other hinders our ministry!

Join with me in the Triple S Club

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1 Response to Rules of Thumb #14 Sinner, Saint and Servant

  1. Thank you for your message on “Sinner, Saint and Servant.” We were sinners, yet had been made saints in His blood to serve. The expression as “Rules of thumb” made the message easier to be remembered. Philip Z. Hirai 

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