RJC Blessings–#1 Connecting

At our conferences I often say that we have three goals for the meetings: 1) Connecting; 2) Encouraging; and 3) Equiping or Rsourcing.

I haven’t analized the data, but usually half of those attending the conference come from the Pacific Northwest in the US. We had 145 people register, so that makes about 70 from the immediate area. A number of those who attended came for the first time, so they especially were eager to connect and network with others.

Two people stand out in my mind that I was able to meet. One was a workshop leader. She had been invited because of her particular gifting in manga. But when I first met her, I discovered that they had hosted over 20 Japanese in their home over the years.

Another person said that she participates in a secular homestay program and also teaches English to a number of Japanese.

The thing that was encouraging to me is that neither of these people had known about RJC. So now we are connected. And hopefully they were encouraged and for minisstry help from the conference.

Thank you Lord.

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