RJC Conference is coming.

We are less than a week away from the coming 10th International Reaching Japanese for Christ Conference at Northshore Baptist Church, Feb. 17-19.

Here are a few things running around in my brain as we make final preparations:

  • RJC is really a connecting ministry. We attended MissionsFest in Vancouver recently. It was a fine conference with many seminars, amazing speakers and musicians. But frankly, because there was so much to see and hear, we didn’t really connect with many people. But at our RJC conferences we are closely connected with people of the same burden–to reach Japan and Japanese with the gospel.
  • RJC conferences are amazing places to build partnerships. I am getting together some reports for the meetings. We will talk about connection events in California and the midwest, and we will share of future possibilities in British Columbia and even Texas.  We will share about some of the on-line classes that have taken place, let by people in Hawaii, Tennessee and Washington, classes that have been attended by people in multiple locations around the world.
  • We are looking to the future at our conference also. We will have discussions about how we might put together a video that could help those returning to Japan better explain their new faith. We will look at the hikikomori problem and explore how best to use manga and anime for Jesus.

Hope you can join us. Please pray. And check the website for when some of the conference sessions will be streamed live.

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