Christmas is over!

This entry has nothing to do about RJC, so only the brave need to continue to read.

Today I took the Christmas lights off the several small trees in our yard. I thorougly checked the calendar and could find no mention of a recuring celebration of our Saviour’s birth. But that wasn’t the reason I took them down today.

Actually it was my mother’s pressure. Every day (weather permitting) we walk down to get the mail, right by those Christmas lights. Now, Mom is 90 and she introduces herself as being blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other. But, every day as we go by the lights she somehow identifies that the lights are still there. She makes a comment, spoken in love, but for me has a sharp barb on the end.

So today, the lights came down. Thank you Mom. I am eager to see if she notices next time we pick up the mail!

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