The Lord’s Grace at MissionsFest

The Lord’s leading at MissionsFest 2011 at Vancouver was very evident in JoAnn and my small part. Explaining the lead up to the 1:30 pm Friday seminar, Japanese for Jesus would require a longer explanation, but here is an ultra-mini version. Left our house at 8:00 am with plenty of  time. Tires needing air at 8:15. Arriving at the wrong address at 12:30. Our GPS faithfully led us to the wrong address. Arrival at 1:00, hurrying to set up for the presentation. Power-point projector malfunctioned, so no power-point.  In the process of scurrying around failed to adequately promote and distribute Operation Japan and RJC pamphlets.

Things went better after that with Gaku’s great testimony and Pastor Fukusaku’s presentation.  We could see the Lord’s hand of guidance with another lesson on the need to trust Him in the midst of our inadequacies.

There were many other blessings, but you can ask me about them some other time.

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