Here we come MissionFest!

Tomorrow JoAnn and I head to Vancouver to attend MissionFest 2011, the largest of all the MissionFests.

Friday afternoon, Feb. 28, we will facilitate one of the seminars, along with Pastor Tetsuya Fukusaku. The title is Japanese for Jesus. Fukusaku Sensei will share about how to present Jesus within the Japanese culture and I will share some general principles for preparing the returnee to return to Japan.

In preparing for this, I remember N and M. N came to know Jesus in Northern California as a high school young man. He came back to Japan with no follow-up, no introduction to a church, nothing. He floundered and after three or four years miraculously ended up in our church.

M came to Jesus here in Washington state. We did everything right with M. We brought her to Japanese church, helped her share her faith numerous times and sent her back to Japan with a good church referral. Three years later she still has not been to church once.

I am reminded that ultimately it is not be method and programs, but only as the Holy Spirit blesses, constrains and leads. And tomorrow I have to stand up and tell others how to do it.

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