Hospitality Ministry

We often think of hospitality as what we do here, hosting Japanese for Christmas and other special times. Hospitality certainly is a huge step in sharing Jesus with Japanese.

Jack and Keiko Marshall will be main speakers for the coming International RJC Conference, Feb. 17-19. They live in Osaka, and are on the other side of the hospitality circle, serving those who have returned to Japan. Here is what happened at Christmas:

  • Yes, we had one of the most blessed Christmas with eight Japanese single young ladies over to our home.  All of them are “returnees” from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Indonesia.  Each one of them came from various stages in the walk with the Lord but beautifully and steadily growing in the Lord.  They all come from a non-Christian family background and would be alone on Christmas otherwise, which is kind of a norm for Christians in Japan since Christmas Day is only another ordinary working day in Japan as you know.  We had a time of fellowship over afternoon tea, Christmas carol singing and devotional time, followed by another enjoyable fellowship time over dinner and dessert.  It was such a delightful and meaningful day for us all and Jack and I are most grateful to the Lord that He allowed us to do it.

A cup of cold water, or a glass cranberry juice shows Jesus’ love on both sides of the ocean.

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