The Power of the Holy Spirit and a Testimony

Minako shared this testimony:

  • One of the students whom I call “Ken” had told me that he has been reading the Bible we gave him for Christmas and that he wanted to ask us a few questions about what he was reading.  After we all shared a meal, we discussed his questions as we opened the Bible together.  God gave me the perfect timing to share my salvation testimony in relation to one of his questions.
  • Today I found an e-mail from Ken in my inbox that says, “Thank you very much for answering my questions so sincerely…your story about coming to faith was fascinating…I had never heard [a Christian testimony] in person before…I don’t know how I will decide [about Jesus] in the future, but if the day [of my salvation] comes, I’ll say that the encounter with you and Richard was the beginning of it.  Even if that day doesn’t come, meeting you has surely been very important to me.”

Let’s pray for Ken. As I read this, I was thinking of one of the exciting workshops at our coming RJC Conference.  Phil Butler and others will work with those interested in manga to draw up their own personal testimonies in manga form. May these be used to impact many!

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