Working Through Operation Japan

Now I am sending out Operation Japan information to different people living in various places in Japan. Ken Reddington who lives in Kochi, Shikoku responded with a number of good points.

Here are a few things that he shared:

  • The Kochi Evangelical Fellowship does not exist any more (the victim of a lack of interest due to the meetings ending up being more a travelogue of the travels the speaker had rather than anything having to do with spiritual things, especially any cooperative evangelism).  The only meeting for pastors now is called the Priests-Pastors Meeting (神父牧師会), which meet quarterly (I am the secretary for the group at present).  We have a Christmas Meeting every two years.
    And I have never heard of the “Shikoku Revival Prayer Facility”.  There is a Shikoku Karst House of Prayer (四国カルスト祈りの家), but it is now basically unused (most probably falling apart).  Perhaps that is what is meant.
    Another organization I had never heard of was the Kochi Evangelistic Association (高知伝道会).  Where did you find out about that?  Perhaps I can check around and see what it is.

It was a good reminder of how important that we pray to encourage church ministries in Japan.  He also shared some important prayer ministries taking place there:

  • For the past five years or so, there has been a group of pastors meeting monthly for prayer.  And the past three years, we have had a Global Day of Prayer meeting.  Two years ago we had an overnite Mini Prayer Summit for pastors in Kochi.  And last year, we had almost 20 come for a full four-day Shikoku Prayer Summit.  Our second Prayer Summit will be from February 14 to 17.
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