Praying for Japan

It has been our privilege to help publish three different editions of the Operation Japan book, and most recently work with the CD version of OJ.

Now it is time to update this prayer guide for Japan and Japanese ministries. That is the goal for 2011, Lord willing. So today I spent half a day contacting about 30 different Japan mission leaders, asking for their cooperation. I was kind of tired when I completed the task. Then I noted an email that just came in. It pushed my spirits to the top!  Here is what it said:

  • A missionary friend of ours sent us a copy of “Operation Japan -Third Edition” for Christmas 2009 and we recently finished using it – praying for Japan through the whole year 2010.  It truly was a blessing to be able to pray specifically for each prefecture, and we all learned something new from it; especially our 15-year-old son.  Thank you for providing such unique and vital resource for those who have a burden to pray for the salvation of Japanese people.  We know first-hand how difficult it can be.

    If at all possible, would you send us an updated prayer guide?  Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Praise and Thanks to the Lord!


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