Just a Small Part–Praise God

Thankfully we are part of a team when we reach out to Japanese. The following is part of a New Year’s card.  Many people shared in YM’s conversion: a gospel radio program, a Japanese church in Boston, loving Christians, an RJC conference, RJC Academy’s Japan 101, a church back home. The main thing is that the Lord gets 100% of the credit!
In 2001, I was a freshman at a college. I was filled with hope, but I experienced several disappointment there, too. I could not do a lot of things that I expected. Conversely, I had a lot of nice experiences.

The year 2010 was filled with disappointment and salvation.

Disappointment– I had to come back to my home country with some unexpected circumstances. I had hoped to continue my study in U.S., but my severe circumstances did not allow me to do that. I felt like being ignored by several  people in U.S. I am sorry to tell this to a lot of friend of mine in U.S., but it is true that I had a lot of bad experiences. I tried to go back to U.S., or pursue doctoral study in other country, but I could not do that. I was rejected by a lot of organizations overseas.

Salvation– I was baptized in October 31, 2010. The first occasion that I encountered Bible verses was listening to the radio; it was 5-minute or 15-minute short programs in early mornings on commercial radio in Japan. I could not understand what it meant, but I am sure that God’s words started growing in my mind then. After some events, I was lead to a church in Takamatsu city, a capital of Kagawa prefecture in last Winter. After my struggle, I suddenly told my pastor that “I want to be baptized.”

Now I am blessed by many occasion that my local areas gives. There are a lot of movements for rural renovation. There are a lot of great scholars. When I left my hometown for my college study, I thought “my hometown was so rural, and boring.” However, now I feel ashamed about such feeling. This year I will go through “Think globally, Act locally.”

2011 will be challenging year for us. Political economy is under difficult situation. A lot of people lose their jobs. A lot of conflict occur in East Asia (e.g. Korea).  However, it is sure that the GOD shows us the routes for brilliant future.

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