Rules of Thumb for Japanese Ministry #6 Cast Vision

One of the hardest questions I heard while in Japan was, “What would you try to do in Japan if you had unlimited resources and knew you couldn’t fail?” How would you answer that?

Since we are to be Kingdom Builders for the King, certainly the question should not be answered with stuff that make up mini-kingdoms or personal-kingdoms. The question could be rephrased to ask, “What is God’s greatest wish for you that would give Him the greatest glory in this country?”

I have been blessed to be around some great vision-casters, positive people with big hearts and great visions. I remember just before leaving for Japan that several missionaries spoke passionately that we should seek to change the whole fabric of Japanese culture for Jesus. Others have had visions of reaching large cities or every unchurched town and village in Japan. Thank you for touching me with your big visions.

I too desire to cast large visions for God’s glory. In the midst of difficult economic and spiritual situations in Japan often Japanese pastors and missionaries have the smallest visions. So let us look for opportunities to encourage our colleges to see the big vision.

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1 Response to Rules of Thumb for Japanese Ministry #6 Cast Vision

  1. J says:

    Great point.
    Did you mean colleagues instead of colleges in the last line?

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