Rules of Thumb #5 Help Others With Their Visions

As I try to write this, the theme causes me to cringe, since I often get so wrapped up in doing my own vision, and forgetting others’ visions.  The leadership principle is valid and important. We need to spend some time in helping others with their visions. It is much easier to add fire to someone else’s  enthusiasm than to get people excited about our personal fires.

In our Japan ministry many times those in authority would not be excited about my “great plans,” but when I stood back and asked who was excited about this or that, and then asked myself how I might help, often exciting things resulted.

One pastor had a desire to reach out to a new high school close to his church. As we thought and prayed about it, the Lord gave us the vision of inviting American young people living in Tokyo to come for a special football lesson and hot dog party. Over 100 Japanese high school students came. This resulted in an English Bible study, and several coming to Jesus.

Lately, I have been able to serve in a small way, helping my friend Dan who is gearing up to mobilize Japanese returnees back in Japan to reach out to the new international students going to Japan. Yes, my passion is with the Reaching Japanese for Christ movement, but I need to be more open and alert to serving others in their exciting visions!

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