Opportunities All Over The Place

The Internet certainly has given some new ministry connections. Here is a new internet radio opportunity from the Hitsujikai Baptist church in Hokkaido. Check it out, and pray for others to catch the vision.

Hitsujikai Internet Radio!

Conservative Christian Internet Radio, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all in Japanese, all over the world.

Please take a minute to “tune-in” and check out the station by going to our website http://hitsujikai-radio.com and clicking on the play button. Or find us at Radiotime.com or Shoutcast.com by searching for “Hitsujikai”.

Hitsujikai Radio began in July and is steadily growing! We are adding new content and making improvements continually. Please enjoy our conservative music, preaching, Bible drama stories, devotions, and daily verses right from your computer, keitai, or other portable internet-ready devices. Currently, we are playing Christmas music as well!

Please tell your friends and churches about Hitsujikai Radio! Our hope is that the station will be used by the Lord to be an encouragement to Japanese speaking Christians, and a light and help to Non-Christians. Maybe you might like to use the Radio station as a tool in your evangelism! We started adding the radio link on our church info packs and business cards. We welcome you to do the same. Also, let us know if you are interested in Hitsujikai-Radio.com bumper stickers complete with the station’s logo. E-mail us your request and let us know how many you’d like. Finally, please pray for this radio outreach and ask God to bless it and use it. Thank you!

Serving Jesus, Shepherd Radio

email: office@hitsujikai-radio.com

Psalm 23:1a “The Lord is my shepherd”

Hitsujikai Radio is a ministry of Hitsujikai Baptist Church – Shibetsu, Hokkaido, Japan


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