Nurturing Japanese Believers Through The Internet

Today I received an email from a Christian in the Tokyo area. She said:

  • I met up with M this past weekend. …  He came all the way up here to Tokyo and Yokohama from Shikoku, by bus—about 12 hours during the night.  He really needs our prayers because he is the only Christian in his family, and he travels two hours to get to the nearest church.          Jehovah Witness, Happiness Science and Temples are within one mile of his house.  He lives inside of a mountain, where he says it’s mostly dark all day.  I just feel so sorry for him.

Two hours from the nearest church! This was another call to prayer for the many Japanese Christians who can’t attend church regularly.

My second thought was that we need to develop lists of places on-line where people could get an audio or video message.  Any thoughts or suggestions?

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2 Responses to Nurturing Japanese Believers Through The Internet

  1. Daniel Pettit says:

    At San Diego Japanese Christian Church the Japanese Department Pastor, Rev. Makoto Okura has a Live Broadcast for the Japanese service.

    Service starts @ 0900 pacific standard time Sunday. The videos are archived on the site as well.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Don, It was nice to meet you at the RJC Mini Conference in Minneapolis. I know of a very good Bible teaching church (Hamadera Bible Church) in Osaka that has online sermons. The website is My daughter went on a missions trip there last summer. Because I know both of the pastors there personally, I can highly recommend the sermons that can be obtained through their website. Here is a link to the Google English translation of the website (as limited as the Google translation is).

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