Rules of Thumb #4 Do It Together!

It should be easier in Japan to work together. Since the number of churches and believers is so small, missionaries and churches should just naturally work together.  However, often that is not the case. At times new churches are started with little consideration of the already established churches. And from the other side, visiting churches in the area where you feel led to start a new church often gets a negative response by pastors. “We pretty well have this area evangelized. Best go somewhere else.”

You can’t force cooperation, but you can and should make it your modus operandi. The Kingdom demands it. And the overwhelming need dictates it. Perhaps one of the reasons why the response to the gospel has been so small is that people haven’t seen our love for one another, but have only perceived a spirit of competition.

One exciting thing about Reaching Japanese for Christ is the opportunity to work together with people around the world. Recently I had a note from Jim in Minnesota. He shared how a Japanese student who had been studying the Bible with him was now transitioning to Rio in Brazil. Could I find someone to follow-up on this person? Checking the RJC data bank resulted in only one contact, a Japanese Brazilian pastor, but he is 11 hours from Rio. I sent Jim his information, and was happy to hear back that the pastor had a former seminary student in Rio, and would be glad to help. Thank you Lord for your Kingdom connections, and help us to always try to do it together.

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