Japanese Churches Here–An Important Link For The Returnee

Yesterday Pastor Yuji Uno of the Rolling Hills Covenant Church sent out an email emphasizing the importance of the Japanese churches here in the US and Canada. It is a good reminder to bring people who are interested in the gospel to a Japanese church.


Every year it is estimated that about 1500 people returns to Japan from the US, who have had various degree of encounter with Christ (some accepted Christ as Savior, some received baptism, some began participating Christian meeting or BS etc.)

But it is also estimated that 80 of these people loose their commitment and interest within 2 years after their return. So the survival ratio is not high. The main reason for this is the overwhelming influence of the non-Christian community around them. One in two hundred is a professed, church going believer. They hardly meet fellow believers at home, at school, at work and in the community.

But if these new believers were actively involved in the Japanese church in the US, that is a totally different picture. I wrote about Y and T last time. They are new believer and received baptism in October. They have beenĀ  in LA for the last 5 years. This past week, the company gave them an order to return to Japan in 8 weeks. But I am confident that they will find a good church family and continue to grow, mature and become fruitful in Japan, because they have experienced a full church life in the Japanese context here in the US.

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