Tis getting hard!

I thought I was doing so well with this blog. Some kind of a record for me, since I dislike writing. Besides the obvious need to blog about Japan ministry and RJC, one of my secular heroes, Tom Peters, said that he disliked writing too, but that he forces himself to do it. And it gets easier.

Well, I am forcing myself to do this, but it isn’t getting easier. 🙂

Right now I am spending all my time working on the schedule for the February 17-19 RJC conference. It has been a good day as we have seen several people, themes and time slots fall together.  Perhaps the biggest is that Keith Webb will be able to join us during the Pre-Conference time to present leadership coaching, and also give a presentation on his book, Overcoming Spiritual Barriers in Japan. Thank you Lord!

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1 Response to Tis getting hard!

  1. Always love your posts, Don. You have a gift with words. They are so simple and clear to read. I can hear your gentle spirit in them. Please keep blogging. I am reading them!

    Love and Aloha,


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