Bring them to church.

I have heard of many people who have hosted Japanese and were able to bring their guests to an English speaking worship service. That is exciting! Here are a few related thoughts:

  1. Explain a little about what will happen before you go.
  2. Ask questions afterwards.
  3. Explain the basics about the songs, the parts of the worship and the main points of the message. Be sure not to overwhetlm them with too much content.
  4. If they become interested in the gospel, make arrangements to take them to a Japanese worship service.

Here is the experience of one Japanese leader in the Los Angeles area:

On Sundays, the host families take them to our church, and they love to see and be in our ‘all-American’ worship service. Then in the second hour, they come to our Japanese speaker’s Bible study group. There, they have the opportunity to share their encounters with Christianity in Japan such as going to a Catholic kindergarten or talking with a missionary, etc. (I think they want to be sort of recognized for these experiences.) Then some of them start crying when we pray to God for them out loud, thanking Him for having prepared their way to America and to us and for the wonderful plans He has for them, and asking for their safe and fruitful trip, etc. Others mention that they would like to attend church or start reading the Bible when they go back home to Japan. Though I get to see most of them only once, it is my privilege to witness that they are touched by God’s goodness.”



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