I got back last night from a three or four day trip from Seattle to Orlando and back. It was a great time for connections. Here are a few of them:

  • We met as part of our Converge World Wide Japanese Ministry Team, led by Ken Milhous, three pastors reaching out to Japanese in Boston, Los Angeles and Detroit.
  • The intercultural teams also were meeting, so we connected with brothers and sisters reaching out to Hatian, Fhilipino, Latino, Viets and Brazilian.
  • I was able to connect with people I hadn’t seen for years as we shared in dedicating a new Collaboration Center to be used by Converge, Campus Crusade, Mission 360 and a local church called CrossPoint. That was great also.
  • Then I was able to meet with John Whitehouse who used to work with us in Reaching Japanese for Christ here in Seattle. Now he is working with the Jesus video program with target programs in key countries in Asia.
  • The last morning before returning I met Warren Griffith. He has developed a great homestay program that brings young people from Japan into Christian homes in the Orlando area.
  • It was a good time to connect and to reconnect. Thank your, Lord, for these faithful people. Encourage and bless them, dear Lord.
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