Another Team Effort

Many people have been involved in YM’s spiritual development. Only the Lord knows all the pieces, but it is energizing just to think of some of them.

There was the Boston Japanese Church, the Christian witnesses along the way, the Midwest RJC Conference last year, the RJC Academy’s Japan 101 class, the fellowship and guidance of pastor and believers back in Japan, and many more people.

So we were all excited to hear of his baptism in Japan last Sunday. His Facebook entry just said, “I am saved!”  Thank you Lord for network of people who planted, watered and reaped.

And help us all to be faithful.

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1 Response to Another Team Effort

  1. Roberta Evensen says:

    Thanks for sharing the marvelous news of YM’s salvation. Those of us who worked on the RJC Midwest Conference in 2009 rejoice that we had a small part in his journey to faith!

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