America from the Inside-Japanese Tourists No. 2

This is part of a series of blogs to discuss how we might best cooperate to share Jesus’ love with Japanese who come to America on short trips.

My particular interest in this important topic sprang from observing those who returned from visits to Europe and America. Often the visitors from Europe came back asking questions about Christianity. They had visited the great museums and cathedrals and were touched by their beauty and history.

Those who returned from America talked of Disneyland and other sights. It was obvious that they had visited America, but in no way contacted Christianity.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if many tourists came back to Japan, impressed by a Christian’s love, a Bible story they heard, or an experience that sparked their interest?

Want to know how many tourists are coming? Japan Tourism Marketing Co’s website tells the story. How many? From January to August, about 800,000 to Hawaii and over 500,000 for the rest of the country.

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