America from the Inside–Japanese Tourists

The seed thought for America from the Inside came in 2008 when I read an article in the NewYorker by a Japanese travel agent in New York who was saying that the most common request Japanese have is to be able to eat in a home of an ordinary American. But she said that she was always frustrated by these requests because she couldn’t find any homes who were willing to serve as hosts.

What an opportunity! Think of the many Japanese who come to America but never really have a chance to experience American culture and Christian faith-based culture.

For the next few weeks I would like to center this blog on what we might do to help reach out in love to the many Japanese who come for a few days or weeks.

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2 Responses to America from the Inside–Japanese Tourists

  1. Melanie Andrews says:

    I think that this is an extremely good idea! Just make sure that the families who the Japanese are having dinner with are good Christian people. We wouldn’t want to miss represent the Lord.

  2. Mike Snyder says:

    Hey Don!!!

    Wow. With a bit of networking — with churches and travel agencies in Japan — -just think of the impact!!!! I remember as a student sitting down to share Christ with a Chinese Student (not Japanese, but same principle here) — We found that we were the first two Americans who had initiated ANY conversation with him in nearly two years of studying at the University here in Minnesota!!! Broke my heart!!

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