Life and Death–Japan

This week the Lord has reminded me of life and death.

Pastor and Mrs. Nakanishi had a new baby, Kotoha. Many were praying for her safe delivery, since there were major life-threatening complications when their first baby was born.  We are excited about this new life and pray that she will grow up to be a follower of Jesus.

About the same time we heard of Pastor Suzuki’s death in Wakayama. We had met him and his wife many years ago when we first came to Japan. He had been faithful to the end. Just 10 days before, the church had dedicated their new church building, and at the dedication Pastor Suzuki who has had major health issues over the years said that he felt God would give him 10 more years of service. But ten days later he entered Heaven.

Many thoughts are bouncing around in my mind. I’m thankful for new life, and for JoAnn and my lives. I’m surprised again at how quickly life can end. We do want to be faithful whenever it comes. I’m thankful for the sure promise of everlasting life through Jesus Christ.

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