How to Start a Church

The other day someone asked me about the best way to start a church in Japan.

My brain started sweating instantly. The question was valid and important. And after spending most of our 35 years in Japan starting churches, we should be able to answer the question! BUT….   The word “best” produces the sweat and concern.

Anyway, here is what I said:

  • Sow many seeds widely and deeply. The Lord will bring the harvest.
  • For those who do come, quickly give them service opportunities that will help them grow.
  • Have fun!
  • Depend on Jesus alone and use your brain as an important second level.
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1 Response to How to Start a Church

  1. ohisashiburi desu. When I cricked your statement of FB which was so interesting theme to me, it led me to your blog :-) I am sweating almost every weekday at my office when I have a chat visitor who says ” I want to die” or ” Mou dameda”. Sweating and praying for asking God for help. We need some Christian volunteers to be having chats with Japanese lost souls so desperately. I would appreciate your prayers. God bless you!

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