Mom’s Highlight

I just about called this Mom’s Obit, but you probably would have thought she had passed away.

Mom is 90 and very sharp in her mind and faith. Her eyes are bad and her hearing is questionable, but her heart and relation to Jesus is firm!

One of Mom’s fun times of week is Thursday morning. That is the day that two local papers are delivered, the Issaquah Press and the Snoqualmie Record. I read parts of these to her at that time. The highlight is the reading of the obituaries. When there aren’t any, she smiles and says, “That’s good!” When I do read one, her response changes by several factors. Has the person moved from out-of-state, is the person  older than Mom or younger, did the person have a love of God, etc.

And sometimes I close the reading by saying, “Mom, your name isn’t there. You must still be alive.” And she smiles.

Thank you, Mom, for your love of life and your love of Jesus!

Proverbs 20:24

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