Coming Up! September 25

September 25 is coming!
That’s the 4th Annual Southern California RJC Conference at Gardena Valley Baptist Church.

You might have missed this, but August 31, today, is the last day to get your early registration discount, so please go to for your $5 discount.

“Building Strong Bridges” is the conference theme. This means establishing solid ministry foundations among Japanese here in Southern California and also in Japan. So the program is meant to help those of us who are reaching out to Japanese, and Japanese who are seeking to follow Jesus.

Pastor Saku Kuroda of the Hawaii Makiki Christian Church and Setsu Kuroda, International Director of JCFN, will give the major addresses.

And here are the great seminars:
Cultural Barriers and Doorways for the Gospel by Keiko Yoshimura-Brand
Growing in Christ (Japanese) by Yutaka Tanabe and Ben Kagiwada
Know What to expect Upon Re-entry into Japan by Makoto Okura
Japanese Young People – Who are they and what motivates them?
by Ben Kagiwada
Navigating the Spiritual Challenges Upon Re-entry by Saku Kuroda
Returning to Japan as a Christian by Sumie Uno
How to Share Your Faith with Friends Who are Allergic to Anything that Smells Religious by Yuji Uno
Japan from the Outside In by Dennis Peters
Bridging the Gap from the American Church Experience to the Japanese Church
by Ichibei Honda
Connecting Returnees to Japanese Church/Fellowships by Setsu Kuroda

See you at the conference. Oh yes. Be sure to send this around to all 2,372 on your mailing list. 🙂 Or just the several who really need to be there.

Don Wright
RJC facilitator/chairman

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